Why So #@%!’n Expensive?!

Come on really, what sort of possible difference have occurred in milking a cow, mixing with chemicals and bottling down to its final product and into the grocery stores we have maintained to frequent more and more often each year? Milk being just barely $two a gallon now to a whopping over $three.fifty in some parts of where I’ve been. And just recently in the west, within a short frame of 6 months, the price of milk have jumped over ten% (roughly a $quarter). Or the price of eggs being just a $one a dozen now with the excuse of gas prices have induced to double that amount. If gas prices were the main cause, then why don’t we just see a constant fluctuation in prices rather than inflating it, and leaving it? Well I haven’t particularly been keeping track with gas prices as before since I’ve become a frequent user of public transportation and a regular user of my(5 years old) addidas “Stan Smith’s 80s”.

Evidently gas prices and transportation cost is one of the main factors in rationalizing as to why it cost the way they do. Which is why the trend to support local and domestic products have been progressively expanding. Understandably so, we shouldn’t ignore great foods that can only be imported. Some great items are imported mainly because it can only be perfected outside the country. The same reason why Japan goes far and beyond to take a hefty share of the best tuna (located within the reaches of the New England coast), or why the US is the proud fiend of beluga caviar (from Russia even though Iran is the biggest producer; likely due to the questionable nature of the caviar from Iran).

As close as we come in replicating our imports domestically, we could never come close enough to the real deal. And as the saying goes, “Good from far, but far from good.”, which is usually described in a different context, but why not? [“Authenticity…Just a Myth?] We could argue that there’s been progress and it’s in fact been close to the real deal, but would you say the same if there were two products of the same in every aspect but where it’s made? Say it was a Prada bag both exactly the same, but one was made somewhere not Italy?

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