Why So #@%!’n Expensive?!

Maybe comparing an accessory to food wasn’t the best example. Well how about a Japanese pear from Japan v. that from the states? I personally can vouch for the imports; there’s more juiciness and sweeter taste in the import. This sort of indifference eventually leads back to my article about the confusion between what you have is what you make it become “authentic”.

As for caviar and tunas, each hungry countries have begun to farm and produce its own decadent products. And as many have proclaimed how close they’ve come in making a complete duplicate in taste, one has to wonder whether it’s okay to weigh out the authenticity of a product with the cost. For most businesses/restauranteur’s the answer is yes, since one of their goal is to get the finest product under the lowest cost, and if they could get a similar product for less with a similar taste then of course that’s a good buy (net profit). Again, for most cases, not all.

So there are benefits from reaching out to domesticated products with good reasons, however don’t exclude the options you are missing out from the imports as well. As some imports are difficult to tell whether it’s worth the extra Abe Lincoln’s or Bill Washington’s (or even some Jefferson’s) most cases they are. The problem is, choice, reputability, and for some, investment.


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