How Do We Measure Quality: Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Even within the limited authentic products you get, try to locate the ones that are the most recent of the products if and when available. Not only is it reassuring to get your hands on a longer lasting product, but the difference in taste between very recent harvest/product to one that’s a bit older yet still edible and similar in quality is different. Note I placed taste and quality as two different entities in the previous sentence. A slightly older extra virgin olive oil could still be considered quality when compared to another of “lower” quality, even if it does not command the same taste as the young harvests.

For example, having two of the same products and brands only differing in the age could still be a similar product. Same in quality, but different (slightly so than others) in taste, yet still better in taste than other brands. Although this would not hold true for all cases, which begs the topic of which ones am I referring. An year old $50 dollar jeans may still be better in comfort and style than a new $25 bargain jeans. In the same reference, a $150 custom shoes may still command a higher demand than a much more affordable $65 new in season brand. Or how about a $225 amateur painting to a $75 replica?  All theses examples should also represent the worth of money; always worth more now than it will be in the future (and of course to spend money wisely on investments that are more worthwhile -as if the examples are worthy investments ;-p)

Whichever decisions we make, reassuring what quality is or may be is just another reason for ourselves to feel content of the decisions we make. Thus, we may as well find reassurance through simple human behaviors or interactions. Boiling down to the question, does it really matter what or how we are reassured? Debatable, but we’re only human and we’re easily swayed by our own emotions whether it be good or for bad. ;D

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3 thoughts on “How Do We Measure Quality: Extra Virgin Olive Oils

    • Hi Hestia,

      In defining quality, one would require to look upon a few criteria; dates, the origin, olives, and of course the characteristics between taste and acidity
      And as for making a choice between which olive oils to buy/pick from the many selections, one would need to consider what sort of tastes they are after (overwhelming or subtle), to the countries/origin they favor.
      Thus defining what depicts an olive oil for it’s quality, it’s similar to picking one from the crowd (and in most cases interrelated)

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