Changes in Our Society

Restaurants and food these days have expanded into such an exponential sack of varieties that we could always find something new from one restaurant to one menu. Seasonal availability, featured products, chef’s spontaneous in the mood creation, or even restaurant week, I’m always amazed at the amount of different dishes chefs produce each year and the different and new items I could find at any gourmet shops.

For those unaccustomed to “Restaurant Week” – a week event, sometimes two – is an event carried out around most cities here in the states where a number of restaurants create a 3-course fixed meal (prix-frixe) for a very affordable price; low price compared to what they usually charge. Ranging from 2 weeks at a time to twice in a year, with varieties of new in season products and newly explored line item each month whether local or global. Now let’s tingle around with our left brain for a minute. ¬†Statistically, there are over 100 restaurants participating, serving lunch or dinner (or both) with usually a selection between two per prix fixe, and more importantly, never the same menu as the previous year. That’s at least over 400 different dishes to try out and that’s just for one of the restaurant weeks. Add that to another restaurant week in the year and that’s already well above 800 plates per year and that’s excluding the new items we find or see at gourmet stores! Like the internet, it’s a never ending expansion of culinary ideas. And have I mentioned that this is only in the Boston area?

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