Changes in Our Society

Another term, “few” used to be fashionably adorned. The rich has it, poor wants it. Always not enough, but always sustainably well managed. But in terms of few in the world of food -not in terms of sustainability- eludes like the term authenticity. Few once used to be enough. Few was quality. Few even represented class and status. Now we seem to have either over replenished everything that came in a few or have forgotten the significance of just a few.

The importance of few was more than just the prestige, it was edible and it was good. Ultimately, few meant plenty. Sushi bars used to be to consume small portions just to satisfy the cravings, not to be devoured like a hungry black bear spearing and gnawing bits and pieces of one salmon after another. The more we have of “some-thing”, the more we tend to use it, consequently the more we use, the more we require or until of course the cost overwhelms the production/usage.

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