Changes in Our Society

The more advertisements and money is pumped into a program network (show xyz) this works the same way as well; less of quality, more advertisers and those willing to pay to play.  At least that’s what it’s starting to seem like these days with typical, non-specific venues having to be showcased spite of it’s lack of niche.  More common than not we’d see more venues mashing up all the greasy items into one colossal mountain of a heart-attack and call it their signature dish.  No creativity needed here.

Why don’t we see some intestines or organs herbed by some original concoction and a hint of some exotic garnish nicely patted on a dish?  Sure it’s a big step for Americans who aren’t used to seeing or eating much organs or anything that resembles a distinctive body part not usually associated on a plate, but that would be creative and it may be surprisingly enjoyable.  Wouldn’t it rather be more interesting for the mystery dish be made, presented and promoted, than a leaning tower of high in blood pressure awful good of cholesterol and shortening in life span?  It’s hard enough the number of us succumb to our +40 hour jobs, waiting for our retirement, food should be the least of our problems.

More importantly, to keep in line with my topic, this also very well relates with extra virgin olive oil. Importance of few still plays a critical role in defining and understanding the world of extra virgin olive oil. The vast varieties of cultivars/olives used, where it’s made, quantities produced, the production between family owned farmers to corporate chains, and the quality of the end results are all relatively, equally significant. Depending on where the oil is made, quantity could be limited. Depending on the olive(s) used, defines quality in conjunction between harvesting til the liquid form.

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