Changes in Our Society

Just as demands are pouring in with profits, there are only a few that selectively still abides by the crucial procedures in producing a very defined oil yet very limited in quantity. Only few because they would never in a million years add anything so pure in order to increase quantity (at least true olive farmers, as I decline to speak for the culprits who adulterate olive oils for profit), nor would they ever make any cut backs for the same reasons. Just a simple one way or no way.  If quantity is to be increased, they will put in the extra umph to grow another acre of olive trees, no shortcuts here.  They love what they do, it’s their passion, life if you must.  It’s not like our 8 hour society drenched income “producing” jobs where we nag and whine for a better life, at times testing our luck on the powerball or dreaming of miraculously making 6-digits without the effort and stress.  It’s an art, a norm, life, an activity, or even a hobby, but not like the terminology and the effects we associate with “job”.

Those few, should be appreciated and should continue what they do best.  However like all good things in life, nothing lasts forever, and sadly this activity too is a dying fact; more turning to profit, more consumed to corporate chains, more losing to the world economy (mainly from competition abroad). Yet another story for another time. (continued here!)

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