Changes Trending to Extinction

Italy is a very agricultural country. Not so much a fashionably trendy country like France, or a speedy motor sporter like the Germans, but they surely make great caffe latte and caffe americano or caffe luongo. Aside from humour, due to its naturally hilly terrains, cool mediterranean climate (overall favorable geographic location) agriculture has been and still is a very powerful asset to the country. We see a boat load of food imports and the questionable “food imports”, from Italy each year. But what we see and receive are just a small percentage of what they really grow and enjoy. Mostly in the form of coffee, olive (oils), wine, and cheese, they produce, harvest and farm much much more. Unfortunately, despite only seeing a small percentage of their products, those are the few available that could sustain freshness during its trip and storage to the US.

No matter the fact of limited varieties and exceptions, it’s far more important to conserve the few. The few within the few that lives by exporting their products and the few that holds their passion in their products. I’m talking about the farmers, the individual families owning, farming and trying to make a living and keeping up with history. History that has continued consistently for generations and kept within the family tradition. Alike American agricultural societies, where farming has decreased dramatically over the past 50 years, it’s the same problem there as well, possibly a little more dramatic. But with the ever changing society, improvements in technologies, and more we become detached with nature, changes results in a diminishing activity. For this case, olive oil farmers.

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