More Trouble Surfacing in due time

With the spiraling economy and resurfacing troubles in Spain, Spaniards and olive producers of Spain alike are hit hard.  The downed economy causing headaches to olive producers and everyone else linked within the sphere of Spanish influence doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise, but the recent light in “fraud” or “no fraud” debate in questionable olive oil products in Spain has caused the market for advil to sky rocket.  The Spanish government stating the issue of concern as due to the “lack of proper storage” created an outbursts of complaints claiming the guilty suspect is due to fraudulent oils, a similar case we’ve seen last summer in Italy…..

Andalusia under fire for blaming olive oil preservation, not fraud (ootimes)
Tough time for Spain’s olive oil stock market (ootimes)

-I was unaware of MFAO (olive oil futures, of Spain) until just recently, (due to it being a local market in Spain) but truthfully anyone could have foreseen this outcome once you put a few equations together and analyse the data like a baby figures out how to use a sfork.  Though once the olive oil exchange market is outfitted in the bigger public market (and perfected away from “scandals” and crushing competitions) perhaps maybe then could we efficiently forecast how much olive oils could yield to our investments?  As you can see I’m still a little skeptical to this approach despite personally being far more openly welcoming and unbiased to any and all ideas.  However, with the growth of US and Aussie domestic producers, combined with the expansion of olive oil imports across the world, perhaps this is another vehicle to jump on next time we have a few cash to play? (or if BofA, Cisco, GE, or Microsoft start to look ugly)

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