Mythical as Big Foot, believable than an UFO

Cooking with Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Does not mean it’s ruined. Mostly, everyone knows heat destroys the hidden succinct rich taste.
Though true, it does lose its flavors, but not completely. For very young and fresh oil – I’m talking about the one ANYONE could make the distinction in comparison to mainstream evoo – the flavor is noticeably still present. Not as strong as having it raw, but the flavor is subtly absorbed into what was cooked; of course it would also depend on what you’re drizzling it on. Some may hold off using it for cooking just because it may overwhelm the entree, and some may just consider using the lesser quality mainly for greasing the pan. How ever one uses its higher quality oil, there are no disadvantages besides the price.
“Real” higher quality evoo has a much higher “smoke point” which is the temperature when the oil starts to break down and smoke. It is told that the smoke point for typical cooking is around 250-350F where an evoo is given at 410F (Karen Collins, American Institute for Cancer Research; cali olive ranch) If you can’t tell the difference between the smoke point, you could simply experiment by observing the greased pan until it starts to smoke, hence “smoking point”.
First Pressed, Second Pressed, Cold Pressed, Fore!
First pressed and only cold pressed, otherwise it ain’t EXTRA virgin, basta. If you want to make a point by staying under the budget, mind as well go look for the cheapest cooking oil (canola I think), or else there really is no point or as Deniro perfectly put it, “Fuggiddaboudid”

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