Mythical as Big Foot, believable than an UFO

Recent Harvests… Only in Italy?
Many Italians know this well, and a select few knows not to spread this secret. Unfortunately, I am here to enlighten all and keep my promise to keep it unbiased. Hopefully I’m not breaking any unwritten rule or making enemies. So forth.
Not only are quality olive oils barely making it to the states safely, but having a hold of the most decadent freshest, squeakily cleanest, recent and I mean recent like less than half a year to weeks, is difficult to come by. I guarantee you that you won’t find ANY recent young harvest from Italy. Well maybe that’s an overstatement, but perhaps to say 99.9% would keep me to the safe side. Of course you may find Californian grown, you may not, but regardless of what you can find, there is no doubt that even finding one online may not be an easy task. And add the task of searching for the right vendors [“Picking amongst the choices”] you’d understand the double whammy! Far and few, with the right eyes you may eventually land on one, or you could always burn that extra income for a little leisure and venture (I mean to take a trip to Italy, somehow learn the language, find your very own locale, locate the finest olive oil producers and then call it your second home.)

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