Who Am I?

Well, this is me when I have passion.  No, not the picture, but the all around idea, procedure, and attempt at embracing to the public, not for myself, but for others explaining everything and anything about olive, oils, extra, virgin, not in that order or in separate meanings.

Although more like a hobby, this is probably my second love in life.  Helping and improving life in means of taste and delishness, while at the same time helping both worlds needs and wants.  I am not a cook, nor a nutritionist, or a writer (if you could tell already), but another traveler who got over engaged with a country that lives and breathes by food.

Until people understand the full spectrum of culture involved in food, it’s not easy to understand and appreciate the taste and price of food.  I’m still learning and adapting, but I at least hope to explain clearly to gain your – the reader’s – appreciation and have you figure the distinction between the ample choices of extra virgin olive oils we have today.

This Site!

Drifting back and forth in a never ending pendulum, I realize to put good use in some ideas and resources that would prove valuable for others. Mostly about extra virgin olive oils, but some others subtly generic. With a little help from my friend(s) abroad, and their family olive farmer knowledge, this is guaranteed fresh and true. No media, no regulators, no marketers of corporate greedmunchers involved, so I guarantee new and unbiased information on a side with the obvious facts a number already are aware of. Regardless feel free to correct any fallacy or misjudgments I may have made, hopefully though they aren’t relatively huge!