Changes in Our Society


If you think the picture is mouth watery appetizing, you fail. Please tell me you too have noticed some differences in the food and restaurants that has been massively praised and promoted via media outlets these days. I speak in general, but more so here in Boston, MA. With exceptions to the worldly known functions on social networks, we see some changes in our tv programs as well. There once was a tv show named xyz (which will stay nameless for my personal protection) hailed as the definitive source for measuring gourmet and hole in the wall venues, showing and describing in great depths and at one point being regarded as the tv version of the Zagat. From inside scoop to chef bios to the arrays of signature dishes that comes highly recommended, now a lump sum of venues crunched in as many as they can under the one hour program including non-essential commercials undoubtedly supported and contributed by the program.

Have they run out of places to go? Segments to cover? Or maybe budgets been tight? Well if it’s any of the above, you know where to find me, just drop a line and I’ll play ball. Maybe it’s just the unchanged, stagnant economy still lingering around the mush of our society. Whatever it is, it’s had an adverse effect on how we see our food as well. I’m not talking about the price or availability, I’m talking about the lack of coverage and the importance of “few”.