New Harvest!


The trees are getting covered elegantly, farmers preparing their men, women, and children, tools sharpening, machines checked and double checked, schedules canceled and then rescheduled.  The glory for the annual anticipation of  their life is just moments away and yet they’ve been hungry and prepared for months.  Like the Spartans of Sparta, outnumbered yet precisely effective, and like David and Goliath, they know the perfect technique with little tools they are given.  Almost there, almost. Just a month wait, and the small fruit would be in its most unique form. Such the form we will soon be able to savor in our most favorite dish or simply just on another perfect roll. However we favor, which ever way we stunningly choose for its use, it shall be called a masterpiece. So get ready to use up the last drip of your old, aged, oil and prepare to line up or exhaust your search for a rare piece of the puzzle to complete your dining experience. Almost, just a month more.