The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA – the equivalent to our USDA) have been spear heading their campaign on cracking down false (mostly health related) labeling and claims which topped a whole array of food including extra virgin olive oils. So far within the past 3 years, they’ve already assessed near 3k of the +4.6k submissions with rejections made mostly due to lack of supporting evidence for the claims. In other words, sellers would have to shift their focus to product niche, and think twice before claiming widely known accepted data. Although within the 2,758 claims already evaluated, we won’t know exactly how much of it is directly towards olive oils, or whether the remaining 1,548 accounts will be as well. One thing for sure is, we now have one more thing to keep in mind when buying imports. Not to worry, EFSA, European Commission is known to do a better job than…..!

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