One of the more ongoing issues on relying on products undercutting local growers.  More prevalent in Europe and a visionary condition if the US hadn’t made strides to support local farmers and producers.  Although with the worsening economy, alternatives in cutting down on expenses may instead lead to unwanted revolutionary trend…

Here, French locals (FDSEA to be exact) are infuriated by their chain grocery stores purchasing cheaper products from outside the country, while more and more of the local growers are forced to find alternatives to compensate for their losses (“farmers market”).  While the compensations are a short-term relief, they’ve already begun taking drastic measures like protesting for stringent import tax, or in this case raiding incoming Spainsh produce trucks “Mad Max style(here).  Although it’s important to note this surge of reprisal was resulted from the after-effect caused by the E Coli. situation Spain was heavily blamed for (and heavily lost $), but later rebutted due to the virulent bacteria later established to have originated from a German farm.(here!)

Perhaps a bit too broad a topic, however Spain’s relaxed labour regulations have to be factored into the same reason Spain is leading the global olive oil industry…Basically this cause and effect is a no win situation for anyone (except for maybe the Spanish government and buyers of Spanish products); Spanish farmers work under cheap labor barely making a living, importing countries hurt their own domestic growers, and competitors are withered away like a decomposing food (no, not like Mc*onald*s) or transforming into one, “Nightrider”.