Authenticity…Just a Myth?


Although I am attempting to expose the nature of how the term “authenticity” has eluded its meaning, as I am not an anthropologist or a historian nor would I want to give the wrong impression to restauranteurs and self proclaimed foodies, however the word seem to be used very frequently without true recognition.

Many restaurants and cook books can manipulate authenticity, but some products and palates are never the same than its origin. [Maine Lobsters, NE Clam Chowdah, Colorado Rocky Mt. Oysters, Florida Key Lime pie, Chicago Deep Dish (not the frozen crap they recook from that card game), Philly Cheese Steaks, etc]. Five star, four star, $one-hundo plates, yelp fave, magazine raved, they’re all reputable to its own degree. Of course dishing out enough of your hard earned income would result in getting the best product on your plate, but when did eating authentic food become so expensive? Oh that’s right, economy and capitalism. We live in a country of dreams, freedom, and the ability to basically get anything done with the right price or superior creativity (underground scavenging restaurant?). [“Why So #@$&’n Expensive?”].